Fish or cut bait, media…support indictments where evidence prevails

As one scenario after another is hyped, then dropped when evidence shows the only ones indictable…based on EVIDENCE…are Democrats – it’s time to call their bluff.

Take their latest foot-shooting imbroglio: in 2016, Donald Trump Jr took a meeting…calls of ‘treason’ ensue…but during that same time, Clintons took MILLIONS in rubles…

…and there’s only silence in the media.

We said it before, we’ll say it again: there’s no evidence, no proof, of GOP wrongdoing.

The only indictable group…when it comes to collusion, obstruction, or unlawful leaking of classified data…are Democrats, and the proof is voluminous and incontrovertible.

So, if the Fake-News media want indictments…let the indictments begin

…based as need be, on the Rule of Law, which requires ‘where the evidence leads’.

The media demands indictment, so bring on the Democrat perp-walks.


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