Why do so many accept ‘crises creation’ leadership?

You’d think the reaction to bad leadership models would be to throw the bums out.

But from a man-caused financial crisis in 2008 to a man-caused drought crisis in California, it seems such leaders are rewarded by misdeeds more often than not.

The sub-prime meltdown that precipitated a financial crises was a product of poorly designed (Democrat-led) legislation which prompted bad housing loans; so, chaos.

And, yet, the Democrats were rewarded at the election booth.

Environmental loonies, aided by dollar-hungry politicians, stopped the building of all water-capture reservoirs/facilities in California in the ’70s as populations grew.

Surprise, surprise…they ran out of water.

But the Democrats who allowed that crises to materialize? Not only re-elected, but in fact INCREASED their party stranglehold on the state, one election after another.

Want gun control? Feed guns to violent Mexican drug cartels (Fast & Furious). Poor leadership results in dead Americans? Blame it on an anti-Islamic video (Benghazi).

And, even when the American electorate fights back (witness Nov, 2016 elections) the loonies that make up California overwhelmingly supported…Hillary Clinton.

California Democrats siphoned off infrastructure revenues from gas taxes, for use on every project BUT infrastructure…cue crisis – more money needed for highways.

So, the Democrats who misused funds now have decided the citizenry need to pay MORE gas and diesel taxes ($.19+ per gallon) starting in November.

They create a crisis, then use the crisis to justify more government…

…if ever we needed an objective media, it’s now.

But that’s one crisis that will never be addressed.

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