The growing body of evidence that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE

It should’ve dawned on the crazy Left by now that, with deepstate intel imbeds as welded to an anti-Trump philosophy as they are, their collusion theories are wacko.

With proof that Obama’s intelligence agencies were colluding against Republicans from the start, if there was any evidence of wrongdoing they would’ve produced it.

So, honest Democrats need to sit back and take a hard look at where their Party’s going. Do they believe in the Constitutional Republic ‘for which we stand’, or not?

Declaring a President illegitimate, absent evidence, has only endured through the constant fake-news bombardment of a feckless sham-stream media so intent on his destruction that they’ve abandoned all objectivity or proof, to push a narrative.

But, are there any honest Democrats left?

Who among them are willing to step up, and acknowledge NO EVIDENCE?

Do they honor Rule of Law…or the ‘societal collapse’ concept of Cloward-Piven?

Do honest Democrats still honor the Constitution, or some tyrannical manifesto?

They must make a choice.

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