CA – sanctuary state with HUGE vote-fraud potential skews popular vote

As of this post, Clinton’s popular vote total is 62,523,126. Trump’s is 61,201,134.

Screams from the Left about popular-vote-vs-electoral inequities are ridiculous, considering Trump won a majority of states AND the popular vote…

…if you discount California, a HUGE sanctuary state.

It’s a large illegal population, rife with vote fraud potential. Deducting California from the popular vote count, Trump overshadows Clinton by 2 million votes.

The electoral process puts all states in play during national elections, and as such, is a perfect solution for our voting process that affects ALL states with its results.

Even without that argument, no reasonable person would want one state to so heavily skew results, which would be the outcome with a popular-vote system.

As we noted previously, Republican-with-Libertarian votes would have carried 35 of the 50 states with an anti-Democrat policy mandate.


…sanctuary-locales should have their votes independently audited before counting.

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