Worthless Debate – without TRUST, what good are words?

A presidential debate’s focus is all about ideas, and how they’ll be implemented.

The foundation of that premise must beĀ trust…otherwise, it’s just empty words.

So, with all the focus on how untrustworthy Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be, wouldn’t you think it was paramount that the first issue dealt with was t-r-u-s-t?

She polls negative on honesty…

She’s been caught out on Benghazi falsehoods…

She’s been proven as a liar through FBI interviews vs Congressional testimony…

…yet, the first debate covered NOTHING about the integrity of her or her candidacy.

(Which, of course, is to be expected with liberal media moderating the venue.)

If you’re not sure whether you want to watch any further debates, here’s a hint:

If the first issue isn’t about her trustworthiness, it isn’t qualified to be a debate.

Just change the channel…’cuz Hillary’s the poster-child for a lying politician.

And it’s a good bet you’ve heard those lies before.

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