Black community’s deadly plague – ink poisoning

The real criminal in America today continues to be the liberal news media.

For decades, they’ve hidden the failures of a Democrat Party that has obliterated the hopes and dreams of millions of Black Americans.

Nothing makes this more evident than NY Times thug-ournalist Paul Krugman, who denies the deadly inner-city rise in crime by citing studies that exclude recent years.

Then he goes on a rant over…lead poisoning?

As the NRO article noted, lead poisoning has dropped to historic lows…what gives?

And, even if that weren’t true, wouldn’t it be instructive for Krugman to point out what Party has run the cities where the issue continues to remain problematic?

(Google Philadelphia, Detroit, or Chicago politics…Democrats had a death grip on these metro areas for decades: if lead poisoning’s an issue, there’s your culprit.)

The real plague devastating the Black community is ink poisoning, spilling from the news outlets of America, to hide the epic failures of Democrat programs.

You’d think someone in the Black community would notice.

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