What would today’s lives be if ancestors had never left the Homeland?

Whether black, brown, or white, why doesn’t anyone ever think about what their lives would have been like if their forebears had remained in their native land?

Before agonizing over present conditions in the USA, what was their alternative, had their ancestors stayed in Nigeria, Guatemala, or (the former) Yugoslavia?

Regardless why they’re here, isn’t it fair to compare their American lot to where one would be otherwise, before complaining…or demanding reparations?

Check the Worldbank poverty map, then please explain why anyone from the areas noted in bright red would curse their existence and lot in life in America today?

Whether by acts of slavery, seagoing stow-aways, or perilous treks from Central America, today’s Americans owe yesterday’s immigrant forebears eternal gratitude…

…no matter what Life’s journey brought them here.

So, why the continued references to ‘reparations’?

Just wondering…

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