Incompetent or duplicitous, Big Govt exposes its failure to be the answer

For those who believe Big Gov’t is the solution, the following negates the concept.

“Criminal Charges Likely for GM. Hey, Can We Get Our $11.2 Billion Back?”

GM knew since at least 2004 they had faulty ignition switches that were causing a multitude of accidents and deaths, yet, it’s reported, did nothing about it until 2014.

And, yet, Obama went along, giving them billions in taxpayer bailouts?

Remember the 2009 fed bailout of GM? Obama bragged about his team’s months of auditing prior to approving the bailout – an audit that included risk assessment.

(Of course, maybe he just has a different definition of the word ‘thorough’.)

Was it incompetence, or a duplicitous act that missed such a huge problem?

Either way, it’s a strong argument AGAINST government as the solution.

The question is…what did Obama’s audit team know, and when did they know it?

And, if they didn’t know…WHY didn’t they know it?

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