Since when is willful incompetence a badge of honor…?

Re, our ‘A sad example..’ Benghazi blog, Connie A. channels Hillary Clinton, asking ‘what difference does it make’ who controlled Congress in the last 2 years of the Bush administration? Really, Connie?

It was your Secretary of State who brought it up in a thinly veiled attempt to tarnish the Bush administration with funding denials, rather than a Democrat-controlled Congress.

(And if memory serves me, wasn’t there a ‘Senator Clinton’ in that Democrat-controlled Congress back then who should have known what was going on? Anyone, anyone?)

While we’re at it, you may want to check out this Politico article of Oct 14, which revealed the fact the State Department (up to the Benghazi terror attacks) had been sitting on over $2 billion because they didn’t want to spend money on security as it would have undermined Obama’s pre-election mantra that al Qaeda died with Usama!

Your media sycophants are too in-the-bag to ask Clinton the questions that need to be asked, but rest assured, when it comes to money, she controlled Department spending.

She was in the Democrat Congress which denied the funding then, tries to gift-wrap George W. Bush with her duplicity now…and just before the fatal Benghazi attack she refused to spend over $2 billion in State Dept. security funding, to help Barack Obama perpetrate his ‘Mission Accomplished – Usama & al Qaeda are dead’ lie.

She denied security funding in Congress..withheld security funding as Secretary…

…and 4 Americans are dead because of it. The arrogance is stunning!

In the old days she would have been tarred and feathered…this wasn’t simply incompetence – it was WILLFUL incompetence!

And, THAT’S what difference it makes, Connie.

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