Uuhh, Senator Landrieu, wasn’t it a Democrat South that was ‘unfriendly’ to black-Americans?

Louisiana’s female Senator up for re-election says the South’s racist past is a problem.

In a state that had a female governor until its current Indian governor (Bobby Jindal) was elected, Landrieu says her current polling indicates an anti-woman, anti-black past.

When Democrats have nothing in the ‘good idea’ category, they play the race card. And she may not have checked a mirror lately, but she is a woman, elected 3 times

…in her ‘anti-woman world’ of Louisiana! H-e-l-l-o-o-o?

Beyond that, is she oblivious to the fact that past South racism was Democrat-imposed?

The KKK, Bull Connor tactics, and Jim Crow laws were all Democrat constructs.

Too bad the media seems as oblivious to those facts as Landrieu.

Hopefully, Louisiana’s voters are smart enough to see through her.

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