‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card – guess what else depends on state-created health exchanges?

Looks like the Halbig decision may lead to another (pleasant?) surprise for many.

The DC Circuit Court decision ruled states with federal-created exchanges can’t qualify for fed subsidies, because O’care law says only state-created exchanges get them.

Guess what else only pertains to state-created exchanges? Mandate penalties.

According to a year-old Washington Times op-ed, text of O’care law “..unambiguously says that a ‘state must set up the exchange to enforce the tax credit and the mandate.”

For 36 states, sounds like consumers are off the hook if they opt-out of Obamacare. (The citizens of those states may want to check this out for themselves.)

For those in 14 states with state-created exchanges…thank Democrat lawmakers…

…because the Mandate Penalties toll for thee.

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