Since when is unfairly burdening taxpayers not considered ‘sufficient injury’?

The GOP-led House is planning to sue Obama for his lawless acts.

They’re afraid of being demagogued by Obama’s media sycophants if they impeach or use their power of funding control to correct the lawlessness, so fall back on litigation

But, even if a court did rule against Obama, his Justice Dept minions are responsible for enforcing the judgment: thus, Obama has to execute enforcement against…Obama.

Fat chance. House lawyers pushing this ‘sue’ effort are deluding themselves.

Suing is not an answer. Boehner and House GOP leadership want a political solution, when there are already Constitutional solutions in place (impeachment, or defunding).

Then there’s the argument of ‘legal standing’, which establishes injury has occurred as a result of Obama’s illegal actions. House lawyers say usurping its legislative powers is an ‘injury’, but courts have ruled political power deprivation doesn’t constitute standing.

House lawyers plan to ‘demonstrate the lack of private plaintiff’. But every taxpayer is overburdened unfairly when Obama illegally refuses deporting illegal immigrants…

…and every taxpayer is overburdened when illegal O’care subsidies are handed out.

And the U.S. Military in Afghanistan is targeted by senior commanders he released from Guantanamo…not to mention America’s national security, when terror visits our shores.

House lawyers are wrong on another point also…a political remedy is Constitutionally available – the House GOP simply fears political repercussions if they enact them.

Finally, nobody’s considered the fact that if the Congress can sue an Executive branch for not fulfilling its role to ensure ‘Laws be faithfully executed’, then, conversely…

the Executive can (just as frivolously) sue the Congress…

…for its failure ‘to make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper’.

The House GOP should stop playing games, and exercise its Constitutional rights.

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