Refuses to enforce law…lies about law…then complains no one works with him to craft a law?

Talk about pathological…when was the last time you succeeded in working with a liar?

There’s a laugher of an article on a Left-wing site that just typifies the idiocy of Liberals.

The joke lines come almost immediately: “Barack Obama has made clear that he won’t just be concentrating on foreign policy. He’ll be doing whatever he can to achieve domestic goals as well, even if Republicans have made legislating impossible.”

Stopped laughing yet?

With foreign allies scattered by his abuse; enemies going nuclear, and invading nations; al-Qaeda resurgence metastasizing; and the Middle East going up in flames…

…in what Universe has Obama been ‘concentrating on foreign policy’?

He’s deliberately refused to enforce domestic laws he took an oath to faithfully execute; he’s lied about the nature of laws he wants passed (Obamacare, immigration)…

…yet complains ‘Republicans have made legislating impossible’?

Considering current foreign events, it’s a blessing he’ll concentrate elsewhere.

And his complaints of ‘Republican obstruction’ are deceitful. Make no mistake, his actions are deliberate…the last thing he wants is for Republicans to look cooperative.

Polling suggests a majority of the electorate knows he can’t be trusted; the best thing Republicans can do is remind everyone of Obama’s deceit, and lawless behavior…

…and ask those complaining loudest…

…”how can anyone work with a proven (and deliberate) liar and lawbreaker?”

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