If you like your terrorists…you can keep your terrorists – Finally, an Obama lie we can embrace?

5 top Taliban commanders have been released from Gitmo, for an American hostage.

Army Sgt Bergdahl was taken captive June 2009. America will welcome his return.

And BCP will refrain from accusations of lawlessness by Obama, even though, by law, he was required to notify Congress…but refused to do so, without a second thought.

Some in Congress are concerned about the message this sends the Taliban; that it  encourages more hostage-taking attempts against our American military, not just in Afghanistan…but anywhere around the globe where terrorism runs rampant.

That train has left the station. We don’t see how his releasing Taliban adds more fuel to a Hate America fire, considering weaknesses Obama’s already shown.

BCP notes with some curiosity that the administration says security measures are in place to make sure that those exchanged Taliban don’t pose a security threat.

(The ‘measures’ are extremely thin; he’s releasing these Taliban to Qatar security, and they’re under a 1-year travel ban that’s supposed to keep them in Qatar. Fat chance.)

Making deals with murderous terrorists is never a good thing, but maybe now we can be pleased that our ‘Liar-in-Chief’, Barack ‘keep your health plan’ Obama, made the deal.

If Obama can lie to Americans…surely it’s no struggle for him to lie to a Talibani?

(Many Americans probably never thought they’d be thankful to have a liar as president! But hey, if Obama can lie to pass a health plan, why not lie to save Sgt. Bergdahl? And, besides, who among us thinks he would easily lie to America…but not to the Taliban?)

BlueCollar prays that means as they get off the plane and are welcomed by comrades,  the Taliban 5 will also be met by our signature American Welcome Wagon

…a.k.a., the drone MQ-1 Predator.

Welcome home, Sgt. Bergdahl…

…we only wish Obama had shown the same executive machismo in Benghazi…

…then Doherty, Woods, Stevens, and Smith could have welcomed you home as well.

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