Nancy Pelosi, fire your fact-checker…and stop the Botox…

Crazy Nan is at it again. Not surprising, she wants to blame George W Bush for the VA scandal, twisting logic and ignoring inconvenient facts to get there:

“And so, we go in a war in Afghanistan, …Iraq…we have all of these veterans. In the past five years, two million more veterans needing benefits from the VA.”

Two problems: 1) in the past 14 years, the U.S. increased VA medical spending 193%, but veterans entering the VA health program over that same period increased just 68%.

2) ABC News (link below) reports 800 WWII vets die every day…over Nancy’s 5-year reference, that’s 1,456,000. If we (sadly) consider average daily death rate of Korean and Vietnam War vets (500/day and almost 300/day), a 5-year total is 2,912,000. We have lost more ‘earlier’ war vets than Pelosi claims were added by ‘new’ wars.

And, she can’t blame it on costs in ‘time’ for serving the recent wounded…combined wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan were less than 1/10th of Vietnam surviving wounded.

Want more sobering facts about America’s veterans?

As of Sept 30, 2011 ABC News reports there were 1,981,000 living survivors of WWII.  As of today, that means 1,203,500 are still alive. And we suffered appx. 672,000 wounded survivors during WWII. Obviously, any still alive today need more care.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how much health care these aging vets need? We suggest quite a bit, as the youngest of them would be in their late 80’s now.

Then there’s Korean War vets (5,690,000), 103,284 wounded survivors. And Vietnam vets (8,690,000), 153,303 wounded survivors (not to mention other SE Asia vets).

Persian Gulf vets (2,295,000 – some may still be serving), 467 wounded survivors.

Afghanistan: total wounded, survived – 506 (as of June 2005)

Iraq: total wounded, survived – 13,189 (as of June 2005)

Total veterans serving in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, now receiving VA Healthcare:

711,986 (between 2002 and 2011).

So, Ms. Pelosi, cut back on Botox (it’s supposed to block nerve signals to muscles, not the brain)…and hire a new fact-checker. As House Minority Leader, you embarrass yourself, and add to an already low opinion of Congress.

You can try blaming George W. Bush if you want…a certain amount of your Left-wing nut jobs will buy it, whenever he’s branded a villain…but the numbers belie your claim.

How can ‘new war’ veterans be overloading the system, when VA spending increased 193%, but the number of new vets in the system during that time only increased 68%?

Plus (with less than due respect), there’s a couple other items you’ve ‘missed’.

First, we would be willing to bet those veterans with the most life-threatening issues are probably from the WWII, Korea, and Vietnam wars, not Iraq or Afghanistan wars.

Second, and most importantly, those VA fabricated waiting lists weren’t falsified out of a desperate attempt by administrators to improve conditions and save lives of veterans…

…they were falsified to collect undeserved bonus checks (and veterans be damned).

We suggest those last few shots of Botox may have seriously affected your judgment.

If you’re a veteran, why not check into the Phoenix VA…

…we hear the service is great.

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