Benghazi accountability-deniers & GOP enablers lose sight of Obama’s true disgrace…leaving Americans to die

Rep. Pelosi (d-CA) and Schiff (d-CA) spent Sunday on talk shows scoffing Benghazi accountability, alluding to the ‘it-was-a-video’ lie as old news and partisan retaliation.

They and their political advisors don’t see any value in helping GOP investigations.

Then there are the GOP groups, shrugging  a collective shoulder at ‘just another lie’.

They all ignore the REAL scandal – an American president (writ small justifiably) who deliberately left 40 Americans to their fate in Benghazi, unwilling to send them help.

The attack started around 8pm, and lasted ’til the following morning. Obama and his gutless minions had no idea how long it would last, or how many Americans would die.

For all intents and purposes, he left Americans to die. Why? Because he’s a coward, and made a cold-blooded calculation: better to lose them…then lose an election.

See, sending in the U.S. Military would have revealed his ‘al-Qaeda on its heels’ lie.

Obama has drone-killed – with impunity – in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, etc; and who can forget our Navy SEALs ‘visiting’ Pakistan to deliver greetings to Usama bin Laden?

He respects no boundary when it comes to killing terrorists at training seminars, high-level meetings, weddings, and camel-auctions…yet not Benghazi on 9-11-2012?

A coward willing to kill terrorists in their daily travels by drone, but unwilling to drone terrorists implacably overrunning an American consulate with murderous intent, makes no sense…except in the context of that ‘protect my re-election’ explanation.

‘The president lied about the video.’ So What? Add it to all his other lies…but focus!

Obama’s laughing his ass off, pleased that everyone is playing in the weeds of ‘lying-about-videos’ and ‘lying about al-Qaeda’, seemingly oblivious to his dereliction of duty.

But there’s no more important duty for a president, than protecting America’s citizens.

And that’s exactly what DID NOT HAPPEN on 9-11-2012. He left them to die.

Only Obama could have authorized that military assistance.

Will anyone in the media focus on the real scandal? Will Democrats stay in denial?

Will voters understand this when they go to the polls this November?

3 thoughts on “Benghazi accountability-deniers & GOP enablers lose sight of Obama’s true disgrace…leaving Americans to die

  1. How did you get the 40 left to their fate. Thanks for your article, I completely agree, I was just curious, where did the number forty come from? Is it the total number of Americans there in Benghazi?

    • An updated blog has been posted to answer that question. Most news reports guesstimate a survivor number in the low-to-mid 30’s. We added the four who were murdered, which brings the number to approx 40. BCP

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