Msg to Republicans…apply Joshua’s ‘tic-tac-toe’ lesson to immigration reform

If news stories are correct, that GOP leadership is considering immigration reform for this upcoming legislative year, they must have slept through Obama’s speech.

Within minutes of opening remarks, he promised more acts to bypass Congress.

So even if dire warnings that bringing up such a bill on the House floor could cause big trouble for the GOP in this election year, doesn’t Obama’s promise give them pause?

He’s already demonstrated he’ll ignore or bypass any law he doesn’t like or which goes against his agenda…even when it comes to his own health care law.

Even a good faith effort by the GOP would be ignored, because the Senate gate-keeper (Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid) would never let it get to the Senate floor.

And Mike Huckabee can tell you the media has no problem misleading the American public with lies about issues when it comes to a chance to demonize Republicans.

(A week ago, he said Democrats portray women as not able to control their libido. In a nano-second, the media claimed Huckabee said women couldn’t control themselves.)

Obviously, any move the GOP makes on immigration reform spells trouble…except 1.

House Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor would do well to learn what ‘Joshua’, the WOPR super-computer in the movie War Games, finally realized

…”the only winning move…is NOT TO PLAY.”

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