Early Hydroxychloroquine treatment is effective…why the silence, Democrats?

Has there been ANY Democrat effort that served to decrease pandemic effects?

(courtesy C19study.com)

Thousands of doctors back the use of Hydroxychloroquine. Yet opposition to it remains stubborn, even to the extent news of 60+ proven studies on its effectiveness increase.

Why has it been so fiercely opposed by Democrats and their LIBedia masters?

We’ve seen time and again how any news of success by the Trump administration is down-played or obscured, but surely saving American lives would be a priority, right?

Evidence all along proved its effectiveness in reducing mortality when used as an early treatment for the WuFlu…yet, curiously, it’s use was dismissed, derided, and delayed.

Sure looks like lives were lost for purely political reasons.

The President’s opponents insulted, derided, and dismissed his actions to stop travel from China when the WuFlu news first became available, and his warning to Americans.

They stonewalled use of a drug that could have reduced the mortality rate in the U.S., and even now, they fan flames of protesting and riots that increases contagion rates.

Democrat-led states mishandled priorities, budgeting, and medical necessities, set up policy that sentenced elderly to death by forcing WuFlu cases into elder care centers, and they have the nerve to attack Trump for HIS actions during the pandemic?

Disgusting, but every Democrat effort to date are indications of an intent to drive deadly numbers higher…and one can only hope Americans of every political stripe see this.

The Nov 03 election can’t get here fast enough.

2 thoughts on “Early Hydroxychloroquine treatment is effective…why the silence, Democrats?

  1. I have said from the beginning that the first rule of real science is to define your terms. What is a “case?” The dems refused to do that, and instead they very predictably chose a floating definition of what is a “case.” Pure junk science from the start.
    I also said that the elites would never float a pandemic on the population that didn’t have a cure for themselves, aka HCQ that they so aggressively refused to Americans.
    Their evil is very predictable, they think they are so smart.

  2. It is not effective in getting Trump out of the White House, of course. This has been nothing more than the Swamp virus, likely created with the aid and direction of the gnome Fauci himself. The Democrats want people to suffer and die. They want businesses to go bankrupt. They are as evil as the communists which they emulate.

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