China unleashed WuFlu for political sabotage…& Democrats/LIBedia PUSH it

Headline of article reported at the National Pulse today: “BOMBSHELL ADMISSION: Chinese State Media Claims Coronavirus Is A Tool To ‘Beat’ Trump”

“Chinese State Media Has Admitted It Views The Novel Coronavirus As A Tool To “BEAT” President Trump, Confirming The Trump Administration’s Insistence China Has Sought Political Gain From The Virus.” (add to that: As Has The DEMOCRAT PARTY)





China and the DEMOCRAT Party are seeking Political Gain FROM THE VIRUS.

That’s right, Martha: the Party that screams ‘foreign collusion’…are COLLUDING.

The only question that remains is, did Democrat bigs help orchestrate a pandemic…

…or jump on it once the virus was unleashed on America…as a political expedient?

Using it as a political expedient makes them cruel opportunists unworthy of support…

…If they orchestrated it, heads should roll – considering it’s lethal nature.

Either way, any honest Democrat voter should walk away from that Party.

First and foremost, a political party (and, for that matter, an honest news media) should be inherently fixed on doing what’s best for the country as their primary mission.

Deceitful fear-mongering and unconstitutional actions to grasp at power and drive an agenda is antithetical to the American public they’re supposed to serve…

…indeed, in the case of politicians…swore an oath to serve.

November 03 can’t get here fast enough.

It may not cure deceit in news media…but it sure can cure political wrongdoing.

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