There’s a simple reason ANTI-slavery memorials are being torn down…and it’s not pretty

It’s not stupidity or ignorance making these vandals desecrate anti-slavery memorials…

…it’s an intentional effort to eliminate the one huge contradiction in the BLM narrative.

Every anti-slavery memorial is a testament to Republican efforts to stop slavery.

These rioters and vandals are Democrat foot-soldiers. They’re using the slavery past to justify their actions, but everyone knows, it was Democrats who fought to KEEP slavery.

Tearing down Democrat statues wasn’t enough – memorials of anti-slavery effort had to come down as well…or else the only heroes left on the field would be Republicans.

What hasn’t been mentioned BY ANYONE is the total commitment that fighting for the North in the Civil War actually entailed…those who died fighting against slavery weren’t the only victims. Think about the number of descendants who were lost, as a result.

If every Union male death could’ve somehow been magically reversed, there would be (arguably) 76.8 million descendants from those men who got home and started families.

Do the math: if 300 thousand Union-dead men had lived, and each one started a family with 3 children resulting, and 2 of 3 survived and started families over 8 generations…?

Sure, hypotheticals are arguable…reduce it by half and that’s still 38.4 million. Reduce that by half and it’s still 19.2 million…point is, there was a huge sacrifice to end slavery.

They don’t want evidence of that sacrifice to continue to exist.

Besides, descendants of slaves have a lot to be thankful for, from their ancestors.

Despite huge obstacles to overcome, black Americans are better off than they would’ve been if slave ancestors had never left the foreign homelands. As we posted a few days ago, black Americans – as a nation – would be among the richest nations in the world.

That’s an economic fact, based on hard data.

That said, opportunities abound for black Americans today…witness Condoleezza Rice, Ben Carson, and Herman Cain…all growing up in difficult situations, and succeeding.

These anarchists know that, as do the Democrats who are willing to exploit their rioting and looting to try gaining a political advantage this November…but they DON’T care.

Anarchists want to tear down America: in order to do that they must tear down both the  slavery exploiters, and those who fought so long and hard to end it…because they can’t use slavery and systemic racism as an issue with contradictory evidence in existence.

Democrats want their power back, not least because they want to hide wrongdoing.

And, think about this – it’s a very small number of black Americans who are engaged in the rioting and anarchy…latest research indicates 80% of the anarchists are white.

Day by day, it’s becoming evident that this destructive anarchy is being condoned by the Democrat politicians in charge, even as they know the ’cause’ is based on pure LIES.

But, hey…a little anarchy is fine, if it buries THEIR slavery past along the way…

especially when it destroys the evidence of anti-slavery Republican sacrifice as well.

One thought on “There’s a simple reason ANTI-slavery memorials are being torn down…and it’s not pretty

  1. Along with the loss of all those men on both sides of the Mason-Dixie line is the fact of any war that peaceful technology was not developed. We might have had gas powered autos by 1880 and the airplane by 1890. All of those men would have not just been farmers, but would have invented things. Using slaves for all those years did not advance us, it held us back.

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