A discharged taser is still a potentially lethal weapon…as is LIBedia’s glaring agenda

The individual resisting arrest in Atlanta, GA, struggled with an officer, took his taser, then fired it at the officer…but…a discharged taser STILL retains charges. As he tried to escape, the officer involved shot the suspect several times, with fatal results.

The suspect was black; the officer was white. Cue the Left-wing/Democrat outrage, and claims of excessive use of deadly force, now being pushed for all its worth in reporting.

But a local Sheriff’s Dept officer assures BlueCollar a taser discharging its cartridge can still be used against anyone, by pressing its electrodes against the body and firing.

They are not one-off discharge-&-done devices. They can be discharged multiple times.

Tasers are considered a serious weapon by many (if not all) states. Most Americans are familiar with the cartridge system that shoots barbs on a line, but they’re more than that, because the cartridge system is just one feature…they also have fixed electrodes.

LIBedia (BCP’s coined term for FakeNews media) are pushing the ‘discharged taser is no longer a deadly weapon’ narrative…but nothing could be further from the truth.

The individual who took the taser could still use it against others by pressing taser electrodes against a person’s body and firing it off…with potentially deadly results.

There’s only be one reason why LIBedia would choose to ignore this simple fact…they fully intend to continue the false ‘police brutality against blacks’ narrative.

Consider this…

Just two weeks before the shooting of that individual, the DA now charging the officer with murder insisted that taser use on protesters was considered deadly force.

Specifically, he said “…a taser is considered as a deadly weapon under Georgia law.”

Of course, that was when discussing its use against protesters. It certainly appears now that DA doesn’t apply the same standard when a taser is used against police officers.

Bottom-line…whether a taser is a ‘serious’ or ‘deadly’ weapon…

  • The individual represented a potential threat against the officer, or any other person if he had evaded capture, especially as he was ‘under the influence’;
  • The taser was still capable of delivering multiple charges when activated;
  • The DA prosecuting the officer involved said tasers were deadly weapons;
  • The LIBedia knows all this, but refuse to accurately report the full story.

No other conclusion is possible…they’re building on a narrative to enrage black voters in a despicable fashion, pre-election, and LIBedia’s complicity deserves our contempt.

America’s being played by the same people trying to regain power, with LIBedia’s help.

(editor’s note: BCP = BlueCollarPerspective)

2 thoughts on “A discharged taser is still a potentially lethal weapon…as is LIBedia’s glaring agenda

  1. So much for ‘logic and common sense’—–the dead guy was 18′-3″ from the shooter,,,,are the electrodes really that long.

    I think not, and your credibility is below all the participants shoe laces.

  2. FALSE PREMISE: that Wendy’s locale was NOT in an oasis of solitude. This was Atlanta…and the perpetrator’s next victim could’ve been right around the corner, or in the next car to drive by. The ‘shooter’ was not the only potential victim, and the perpetrator had just attacked a police officer DOING HIS JOB and taken away that officer’s taser. There’s no telling who the next crime victim would’ve been, or how it would’ve played out. To address this situation in the vacuum of just one officer and one perpetrator in a sea of isolation is beyond short-sighted. It was in heavily-populated Atlanta, he had just attacked a police officer and taken away a potential lethal weapon, and ‘LOGIC & COMMON SENSE’ tells us Wendy’s had more than one customer in the area, as well as employees, and MORE neighboring businesses that offered a potential for additional havoc. When it comes to questions of ‘credibility’, we suggest you ask yourself if you REALLY believe these were the only 2 people in a 50-yard radius, in a busy Atlanta commercial locale. As for the general height of participant shoe-laces, we suggest you look up…your hair may be in danger of entanglement.

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