Stop this unconstitutional WuFlu insanity…’what-if’ computer modeling is NOT good cause

“…make no law, respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging…the right of the people peaceably to assemble…’

What manner of hubris is this, that computer ‘what if’ modeling has suddenly become the standard for violating the Constitutional rights given us in that founding document?

Suddenly, we can’t worship; we can’t ‘peaceably assemble’; we can’t travel?

Because of faulty computer modeling hysteria?

Unless martial law has been declared, no such powers exist for our government to take away our constitutional freedoms in such a manner: even then, without good cause.

‘What if’ computer modeling IS NOT GOOD CAUSE.

Because, by that standard, EVERY civil right we’re guaranteed could be abridged.

Of course viral flu is scary; of course common sense precautions are in order…but the actions taken by our local & state government to date are NOT legitimized by the data.

First, actual deaths CAUSED by this Wuhan Flu are being over-inflated by including any deaths where that flu is present, even if it wasn’t proven the actual cause of death. 

But, even accepting every death attributed to that WuFlu, CDC data for the month of March indicates that we are not experiencing any ‘spiking’ death totals they predict.

As reported at, “According to data obtained from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics Mortality Surveillance System website, total U.S. deaths for the first three weeks of March are DOWN 10% from the average of the prior four years for the same three week period…The final data for March could show a total of 26,000 or more FEWER DEATHS in the month than would be expected without even factoring in the impact of 4,000 COVID deaths.”  (ed note: 4,000 deaths was for March only)

As of 3:22am, April 09, death totals for WuFlu are reported as 14,797. That means – to date – even with that higher number added to March, total deaths are below average.

Rate of contagion, hospitalization, and deaths at this point are all the result of computer modeling; none of those ‘what if’ modeling numbers have proven close to being true.

Allowing such idiocy opens the door to the same idiotic ‘what if’ thinking that can justify taking away our right to bear arms; or otherwise be secure from unreasonable search and seizure; or allowed due process; or protection from excessive bail or fines.

Americans should demand more from their elected leaders than ‘sky-is-falling’ hysteria.

Americans should demand their constitutional rights not be unnecessarily abridged.

Americans should hold accountable the politicians and media causing unfounded panic.

And based on the ACTUAL numbers to date, re, this Wuhan Flu MADNESS…

…Americans should be going on with their normal lives…


8 thoughts on “Stop this unconstitutional WuFlu insanity…’what-if’ computer modeling is NOT good cause

  1. What makes you think that “Executive Orders” delineating permitted behaviors or actions during a “state of emergency” that also carry criminal sanctions are not effectively the same thing as declaring martial law? The only difference is that the normal civilian authorities (police, etc) are authorized to enforce the orders instead of only the military authorities.

  2. What they’re not telling you “specifically” is this is the Democrats/Leftists/OneWorldOder last ditch coup effort before the November election!
    CRASHING the USA economy was the purpose all along!
    China had been making nice on the trade deals, bowing to our “orange” leader with their hands hidden behind their backs where their fingers were crossed all the time. China hadn’t dropped those $$$ in Hunter’s investment company to earn zero! Joe has to be elected so they can collect! Pelosi, Schumer, Kerry and all the other grifters are working like the Rats they are to accomplish their mission. I’m not concerned with catching the virus; I’m concerned with the looting of our country by the people who are supposed to be working
    FOR THE U.S.A.!!! Keep America Great – Vote Trump

  3. From the outset this virus hoopla has had the earmarks of a continuation of the Democrat coup attempting to overturn the election of President Trump. The success of his presidency and the tremendous economy that we were experiencing has forced the Deep State into previously uncharted waters.

  4. Trump can still turn things around. He needs to ditch Obama’s Doc Fauci and his opposing bookend, Birx. They spread the opposite message that Trump does and are STILL denying the fact that hydroxychloroquine is (more or less) a cure. But the POTUS needs to send these clowns packing before they and the Globalists can finish destroying the economy just to win an election (a tactic that won’t work anyway).

  5. Right, but must be done in conjunction with emerging info that reveals the WuFlu data was (& still is) being over-inflated. Our guess is he’s massaging the ‘experts’ to show a deference to science UNTIL it’s understood that underlying deceit exposes the ‘experts’ for partisan hacks driving an agenda antithetical to America’s economic needs. The deceit is slowly, but surely, revealing itself more every day – Pres Trump has a handle on it, and is working the backroom machinery now to get it to a point where he can press the ‘back-to-work’ message…while he eventually announces a startling need to review ‘new & disturbing’ information that false numbers were being baked into the WuFlu computer modeling cake. He’s a genius at messaging, and timing is everything. Watch & enjoy, the show’s just starting…

  6. Right on, just another HOAX to be exploited. WuFlu may be a new virus strain, and as such – sure – worthy of attention…but pushing the hysteria with this level of fear-mongering is the actual hoax. They’re exploiting it in an attempt to drag him down, and, never forget…their objective is complete control of our lives through BIG GOVT.

  7. Spot on…their objective is to establish Big Govt & 1WorldOrder to control every aspect of our lives.

  8. We’re willing to stipulate that declaring a ‘National’ or ‘State’ emergency may present a similar authority as martial-law type actions. Our point is that actions of this type should always be based on LEGITIMATE cause, not ‘what-if’ computer modeling with flawed/deceptive data.

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