Proportionate response

Advise Iran of incoming sanction strikes against specific targets…

…give them no time to adjust or prepare…

…strike targets.


“Developing: 4.9 Earthquake Strikes Near Bushehr Nuclear Plant in Iran Hours After Missile Attacks on US Bases” …could it be? Nooo…not possible…is it?

Takeaways from the events over these last five days:

  • There’s one less major terrorist in the world;
  • Iran’s weak response, coupled with the fact they warned of their intended strikes ahead of time, show clearly that Iran got the message – Trump is NOT Obama;
  • Uncertainty is running rampant through the Iranian upper leadership – who tipped off Soleimani’s movements, who can be trusted, and who can’t be trusted?
  • The rest of the world’s tinpot 3rd-worlders know there’s a new sheriff in town;
  • America’s allies feel a little safer today;
  • Democrat politicians expose themselves as terrorist apologists.

Not bad for a President who ‘has no foreign policy’…

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