SHAMpeachment proceedings will be used to mute official reports of 2016 election malfeasance

Do Not Doubt This: the SHAMpeachment is all about blunting the imminent release of IG and AG reports (Horowitz, Huber, Durham) that will confirm Democrat wrongdoing.

Federal intel and law enforcement agencies were setting up human lures in 2015, in an attempt to set up Trump campaign aides, and ultimately justify surveilling that group.

Falsifying the FISA applications; the Democrats’ Steele dirt-dossier; unmasking; leaking info, then sourcing the resulting media reports as independent; it’s all coming to a head.

Democrats know this, and are coordinating their attention-getting activities to serve as a mechanism to diminish, obscure, and otherwise delegitimize the inevitable fire-storm.

Sure, they’d love it to stick well enough to actually impeach a Republican, but they know there’s not an iota of evidence that would justify such an act…it’s all about strategy.

Equivalence strategy.

It’s been their go-to tactic for decades: ‘we had to do this, ‘cuz they did that’ has worked for years, justifying corrupt activities and blatant pay-to-play schemes along the way.

And when there is NO equivalent Republican behavior…Democrats create it for them.

SHAMpeachment is their latest, most demonstrable iteration of that strategy.

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