…and when it comes to ‘authoritarians’ they have no equal…

As posted on the GatewayPundit today: “GOP Leader Drops BOMB on Schiff – Points to Committee Rule that Must Allow Republicans Day to Call Witnesses – Dems Forgot to Strike This in their Crooked Plot to Remove Trump”

As the rule reads: “The Minority is entitled to one additional day of related hearings at which to call their own witnesses if a majority of the Minority Members make their demand before the committee hearing is gaveled closed.” Hmmmm

Republicans sent a demand-to-honor 7:49am yesterday; hearing closed at end of day.

Every day, Democrats falsely rant about the President’s authoritarian nature, but their actions during these sham proceedings reveal the real abusers of personal freedom.

Can’t wait to see how they handle this demand to follow their own rules.

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