…and in the Middle East, they got Trump’d…again…?

“Trump’s Syria plan reveals a master strategist in the White House”

Long story short, the fumbling/bumbling/simpleton in the White House has managed to do what decades of elitist strategists and Democrat ineptness repeatedly failed to do.

Their combined consensus strategy being we had to be militarily involved in Syria by helping the Syrian Kurds, if we ever wanted any negotiations to occur with Turkey.

Year after year, we were militarily involved…and no negotiations occurred. Then, lo & behold, President Trump decided to pull our U.S. military spec-ops from the region.

Cue the wailing, hair-pulling, and dire predictions of impending doom.

But, wait…what’s this…

…all of a sudden, Turkey calls and begs the U.S. to mediate immediate negotiations?

Trump saw what elitists didn’t: staying delayed negotiations…leaving FORCED them.

Yep. Crazy, like a ‘master strategist’ fox.

Read the American Thinker article laid out as derived from ConservativeTreehouse.

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