(Updated) They’ll have to turn up the volume to keep economy out of the picture

“How Unreasoned Impeachment Dysfunction Is Trashing Democrats”

With this economy, they’re gonna have to turn that Lie Machine up full blast.

It’s already been proven that this is President Trump’s economy, not Obama’s:

“GDP growth decelerated throughout 2016. It went from 2.3% in Q2, to 1.9% in Q3 to 1.8% in Q4. “There was a sharp slowdown in business investment, caused by an interrelated weakening in emerging markets, a drop in the price of oil and other commodities, and a run-up in the value of the dollar,” the New York Times reported. Sentier Research, which tracks real household income on a monthly basis using census data, reports…real median family income didn’t budge from August 2015 to November 2016…the stock market was flat all year, as was the unemployment rate. Consumer and business confidence remained humdrum. What’s happened since Trump took office is the very definition of a turnaround. The stock market exploded as soon as the market had a chance to absorb the fact that pro-growth Trump had beaten Hillary Clinton. Confidence in the economy suddenly surged…remained at high levels ever since. GDP growth has been accelerating.(bold, underline emphasis added)

And it’s obvious to any but the most anti-Trump deranged that Russia-Ukraine-Stormy-whatever isn’t doing them any good. They’ll have to come up with some better lies.

Especially when you consider this latest from Issues-&-Insights:

“…surging middle-class wages, with median incomes already up over $5,000 since Trump took office. Obama achieved only a $1,000 increase in eight years.” 

Yeah, yeah…you heard that right.

5 times the middle-class wage growth compared to Obama’s…in less than 3 years.

Not sure even 100% negative FakeNews coverage of Pres Trump can drown that out.

But, they’ll keep trying.

(Fortunately, solid thinkers at sites like Issues-&-Insights keep us reality-focused.)

UPDATE: O-M-G!! Corporate tax revenues are UP 12%?

But…wait: “Every single Democrat running for president has railed against the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017, calling it a massive giveaway to corporations.”  (underline added)


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