The easiest way to defend Republican ideology…

The easiest way to defend Republican ideology is by showing how it defends the right to self-protection, the right to Life, and the right to demand our liberty be protected.

How hard is that to hold up against a Party that wants to take away guns, justifies killing a newborn, and selectively undermines rule-of-law and prosecution of equal justice?

(Yes, Martha, Democrats blocked an anti-infanticide bill this year.)

Those who bemoan their loss of ‘friends’ after admitting they voted Republican should ask themselves what kind of friend they had, who supports such anti-Liberty policies.

The problem isn’t that politics have become polarizing…

their entire IDEOLOGY has become polarizing. They live in walled, well-armed high security enclaves, yet push open borders and gun control…for everyone else.

Hypocrisy’s one thing, but imagine being a Democrat…

…who argues against a death penalty, and, yet, defends killing a newborn baby.

Is that a friend worth keeping?

Open question to Democrats: is this an ideology worth supporting?

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