Headfakes are NOT impeachment inquiries…

As the inestimable Andy McCarthy points out, the tragi-comedy being played out in the House Democrats’ narrative is nothing more than FakeNews-enabled farce, writ large.

“Under federal law, the offense of obstructing Congress applies when “any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House.” Again, neither the House nor any of its committees has voted to conduct an impeachment inquiry. There is no formal impeachment proceeding to obstruct. Furthermore, the letters in question are not actually demands carrying the compulsory force of law; technically, they are just informal requests. No one is required to comply with a mere request, and refusing to do so is not evidence of anything, let alone obstruction.”

Democrats (with complicit media) falsely portray an impeachment inquiry based on the charge of ‘obstruction’, but federal law requires an investigation or inquiry be in force…

…not be faked as in play.

There is no formal congressional investigation, and an inquiry must be vote-approved.

But to start an investigation or inquiry puts Republicans in play with subpoena-power; last thing Democrats want is to have what they’ve done exposed by subpoenas.

What they have is the illusion of an inquiry, based on unfounded obstruction fantasy.

Unfortunately, their FakeNews allies can hard-push the narrative with low-info crowds.

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