Pathetic efforts to undermine Prez actually undermines confidence in abilities of intel agencies

(Personally, we smell the odor of…a little Weismann in the air.)

If this is the best our intelligence agencies can do to create dissension and unrest, and foment lack of confidence in our own President…God help us as far as nat’l security.

Relying on second- and third-hand information to submit a ‘whistleblower’ complaint, then rushing to change statutes to allow hearsay evidence is hardly competent spycraft.

Not to mention falsely inflating Trump’s phone conversation to fit their bogus narrative.

Looking beyond sophmoric intel-agency efforts to take down a sitting U.S. President…

…what does this impotent effort say about their ability to protect Americans?

Is this really the best they can do?

And, does the FakeNews media and Democrat Party understand the damage they’re doing to our confidence as a Nation, with such transparent, ludicrous, childish activities?

As intel-agencies and Congress Democrats beclown themselves, our allies cringe…

…FakeNews struggles under the load of carrying Democrat poisoned-water…

…and our ENEMIES smile.

Finally, we find it curious that suddenly, the New York Times reports the whistleblower is a CIA agent; we predict the real whistle-blower will turn out to be a Weismann-like entity.

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