Hmmm Talking to foreign nations, bad; EXTORTING foreign nations…good?

For the last 3 years, we’ve heard nothing but negatives about Trump and his campaign aides talking to foreign nations, but, last time we checked there was no law against it.

Now comes news about Joe Biden extorting a nation…and that’s okay?

Extortion, as defined, is ‘the practice of obtaining something, through force or threats

Biden is on video, bragging about forcing the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor investigating corruption of a Ukraine corporation that allegedly involved Biden’s son…

WHILE Joe Biden was America’s Vice President…

…by threatening to withhold taxpayer-funded aid of $1bn to Ukraine until it was done…

…and the FakeNews/Left/Anti/Never-Trump contingent is aghast it’s being looked into?

So what, if on a phone call to Ukrainian leaders, Trump asked about the circumstances?

Call it extortion, call it ‘pay-to-play’…using American tax dollars to personally benefit in such a manner is disgusting at best, criminal at worst; the President’s doing his job.

You remember: “…he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…

And, yet, somehow, revenge-deranged Democrats claim this action of the President, by looking into Joe Biden’s self-admitted extortion, is impeachment-worthy? REALLY?

To be immune to corruption of this magnitude in their midst is CRINGE-WORTHY.

If anyone deserves to be impeached…it’s Joe Biden. But, this is Hillary Clinton all over again. She committed 6 felonies by setting up a private email server while Sec-State, and the Left had to do a Comey-dance to keep her eligible for a presidential run.

Same thing is happening now, with Joe Biden.

Here’s an idea for Democrats: try nominating a NON-CORRUPT candidate for once!

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