To those supporters who want the Tweets to ‘tone-down’…

…we have just one thing to say: ‘W’ wouldn’t punch back, & his poll numbers tanked.

Sorry folks…the President’s tweets are (many of them) defensive in nature, and if he lets the FakeNews and lying Democrats control the narrative, his numbers tank too.

Don’t take the FakeNews bait – his tweets are counter-punches, not offensive in nature.

FakeNews would have you believe otherwise, but their intention is to shut him down and the only way to do that in the era of Social Media is to take it away from him.






Final note: most who say ‘stop’ have never read one of his tweets, & just go along with the complainers…but with 92% negative coverage, his tweets get the real message out.

(BCP ed. note: We read his EVERY tweet, and state categorically they are NOT what FakeNews and political opponents claim them to be. Read them…see for yourself.)

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