FakeNews style…you can’t define yellow journalism any better than this

File this under ‘All The News Fit To Print Propagandize’

“We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well”

So claims the executive editor of the NY times, in reference to the Trump-Russia hoax.

Pushing a hoax until it collapses under its own weight, without revealing the real drivers behind the scheme, is yellow journalism at its worst…& the NY Times is proud of that?

What about REAL stories not covered: Democrat chicanery; FBI lures; weaponized intel agencies; fraudulent use of FISA courts; illegal surveillance of opposition candidates?

Scott McKay nails that executive editor in his American Spectator article: “Think about that statement for a minute. Baquet says he “built our newsroom” to cover a story which turns out to have been based on a hoax spread by Democrat Party operatives and used by a corrupt Obama administration to spy on innocent American citizens while attempting to prejudice a presidential election. Had the Times actually covered the back half of the Trump-Russia story, in which the abuses by the Obama and Clinton camps turn out to have been the meat of the thing, it might have been justified to “build our newsroom” around it. But of course that’s not what Baquet did.” (emphasis added)

Of course, it all depends on how Bacquet’s ‘covering a story truly well’ is defined.

By Democrat standards…he’s spot on.

By journalistic standards…not so much.

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