If enforcing the law is ‘hate’, then acts of crime must be…love?

We’re looking for Democrats with integrity who can answer this question.

Get serious – please explain how enforcing established law is a hate crime.

Remember, immigration laws are laws that Congress, including Democrats, wrote and passed, in order to protect our borders. Defining enforcement now as hate is the height of deceit and arrogance…and an insult to the intelligence of every American citizen.

The only thing worse than a media that supports this assault on our intelligence…

...are the intellectually lazy who accept it as ‘truth’ and, thus, display willful ignorance.

Whatever happened to seeking INTEGRITY in an issue or debate? Those perpetuating such an intellectually dishonest slur demonstrate there is no integrity in their position.

It’s just another way to lie, so they can push their agenda and demonize opponents.

Ask yourself this: Democrats control the House…if they really wanted to change existing immigration law why haven’t they INTRODUCED LEGISLATION to do it?

Sure, it might die in the GOP-controlled Senate…but they controlled all of Congress for years over the last two decades: why not pass legislation when they had that control?

Short answer – they want to use it as a political football.

Class Dismissed.

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