Those falsely defining issues create the Nation’s divisiveness

Discussing the Left’s efforts to move on from one hoax to the next, Julie Kelly touches on a point that makes the case for how falsely defining issues creates diviseness…

…which is then falsely thrown back at the Right as being its perpetrator.

Writing at American Greatness, Ms. Kelly notes “Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates…chimed in on Twitter with a dramatic tweet asking, “When our children ask us what we did when innocents were massacred, the president fomented racism, and immigrants were caged and cast as sub-human, what will we tell them?””

Falsely defining a push for secure borders and strong immigration policy as ‘fomenting racism’ and detaining illegal immigrants as ‘caging and casting illegals as sub-human’ is a deliberate attempt to sensationalize situations…to make it toxic for Republicans.

With her background, Yates – a former Deputy Attorney General – should know better.

The media and Left-wing bomb-throwers will give her cover, but the fact of the matter is such efforts by this cohort create divisiveness, not Republican efforts to enforce law.

All their lies are meant to drive a wedge between minorities and the President…and to intimidate the meek among undecideds who may be riding the fence or leaning to him.

‘Hands-up, don’t shoot’ NEVER happened…it’s a LIE.

‘Praising Charlottesville white supremacists’ NEVER happened…it’s a LIE.

‘Russian collusion’ NEVER happened…it’s a LIE.

‘Fomenting racism’ NEVER happened…it’s a LIE.

‘Casting illegals as sub-human’ NEVER happened…it’s a LIE.

It won’t stop unless and until they see such tactics are creating a huge backlash.

Hopefully, that’ll be no later than Nov. 2020.


Hitler’s propagandist Goebbels famously said ‘Tell a lie often enough, it becomes truth’.

Isn’t it telling, that the Party trying to paint Republicans as Nazis use NAZI tactics?

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