Women soccer players might want to learn from NFL-kneeling outcome…

We noted previously how empty the ‘pay-inequality’ argument is for the women’s soccer team…sorry, women’s sports don’t generate the revenues that men’s sports generate.

That said, foul-mouthed players like Rapinoe who disrespect the American flag and Anthem ‘in sympathy with Colin Kaepernick’ should know his cause was empty also.

Far from being overly abusive, studies have proven, if anything, law enforcement bends over backward when blacks are involved in confrontations with police activities, and proportionately, “far more whites than blacks are killed in confrontations with police.”

(Furthermore, racism isn’t endemic in America – Obama’s election proves that.)

Kaepernick and cronies took a knee on a LIE…NFL ratings plunged.

Open message to Rapinoe, et al…

…disrespecting America and the flag DRIVES DOWN interest in your sport. Reference this article at the GatewayPundit: “Nice Work, Rapinoe! US Soccer Final Viewership Down by ALMOST HALF Thanks to Trump-Bashing, Far Left National Team”

Empty-issue disrespect didn’t work for the NFL…it won’t work for women’s soccer.

Latest studies show women’s soccer pulled in $77 million total revenue annually, and during that same period, men’s soccer raked in $4 billion…a 52 times greater amount.

Hey, Rapinoe…want to solve a pay-inequality problem? Generate more revenue.

You can start by shutting your mouth, and respecting your American flag.

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