Why would any honest American keep supporting proven liars?

As the daily clown-show (a.k.a., House Democrats) continue to push their proven false collusion/obstruction narrative, the question ‘Why’ demands a very real answer.

The collusion narrative is a proven hoax, driven by Democrat-funded activities.

Many of the federal agency practitioners aiding and abetting the hoax have been fired.

Mueller and his team of angry Democrat partisan lawyers NOT ONLY were unable to prove collusion, they went to extraordinary lengths in his report to deceive Americans:

  • willfully and deceptively editing conversations and information to exclude any exculpatory information (in the case of Gen. Flynn and Carter Page), and
  • willfully, deceptively excluding revelation of actual provable Democrat chicanery

When collusion couldn’t be proven, their fall-back was obstruction. To prove that, they had to deliberately edit information in order to cast Trump and his aides in a bad light.

Mueller’s task was to investigate all matters that may come to light with regard to foreign interference. Excluding Democrats’ very real and provable use of foreign (Australian, UK, Russian, et al) disinformation can only be seen as extreme deception.

Mueller and Weismann have a history of playing fast-&-loose with exculpatory facts.

The question remains, if by their actions they’re all proven liars and deceivers…

WHY give credibility to those clearly (unethically) misleading, to push an agenda?

Knowing this, how can any honest Democrat watch these clowns perform their daily circus act on the floors of Congress, and not be ashamed of such glaring perfidy?

(Not to mention the waste of their time.)

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