PROOF – To sabotage an economy, just mandate ‘renewable energy’

“‘Low-Cost’ Renewable Energy Is Breathtakingly Expensive”

As reported at American Thinker, a new study “…examining energy prices in places that have already deployed large measures of renewable energy…” compared to “…those of adjacent places that have forgone this option…” reveals “No matter what renewable energy boosters contend, the evidence is incontestable. High levels of renewable energy integration are boosting electricity rates quickly, and the higher the degree of penetration within a state, the higher the multiple by which rates increase over those states that have forgone renewable energy integration.”

Facts are, for climate-hoaxers, a very inconvenient thing. Their dire predictions based on nothing more than computerized climate models, and the actual cost of initiating a serious deployment of ‘low-cost’ renewable energy ISN’T low cost.

Every step in our economic producing process requires energy; it affects the cost of doing business from start to finish, and keeping such costs low make us competitive.

But, if you wanted to slow an economy down, or sabotage it…

It’s long past time to look into what forces are really behind this lunacy.

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