Insiders confirm…the Mueller probe itself was an obstruction of justice

DC insider sources have confirmed the Special Counsel investigation itself was a front to veil the deep-state’s desperate efforts to destroy or otherwise mask wrongdoing…

…by the Democrat campaign, frantically trying to elect Hillary Clinton.

Pre-election, they colluded with foreign agents to compile a false narrative against Trump to ensure a deeply flawed Democrat candidate was elected to the White House, which would effectively close off access to what Obama/Hillary were up to for 8 years.

This isn’t only about Hillary, folks. So much back-room shenanigans were going on it was hard to keep track without a scorecard; they did all this to hide their misdeeds.

And the obstruction continues, as they hurl all the accusations and dirty lies they can in order to keep wolves at bay…including ‘obstruction’ they’re blaming on the President.

But the investigation itself is a hoax…an obstruction…a cover-up.

Trump-Russia collusion’s a hoax. There was no crime…except theirs. And when they lost the election, there was panic: loads of under-handed chicanery needed hiding.

The investigation itself was meant to obstruct real discovery of real crimes, with real evidence…against real perpetrators: the Democrats. Let The Following Sink In…

The FBI never confirmed hacking of Democrat computer servers: they weren’t allowed access. A Democrat contractor made the analysis, and all the allegations against ‘Russians’…and a Democrat-funded company financed the dirt-dossier.

All charges/allegations driving the ‘probe’ stem from Democrat-funded sources.

And it blew up in their faces. They can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Two years later, no evidence against Donald Trump; but tons of evidence…against Hillary.

It’s time for the lies to stop. It’s time to recognize the Mueller probe for what it is and was intended to be – a smokescreen; an obstruction…to give them time to cover up.

(Why else does anyone think ONLY Democrat partisans were on Mueller’s team?)

Now it’s time the players in this farce answer for their crimes.

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