Why do bleeding-heart Liberals HATE minorities…and how do minorities NOT SEE THAT HATRED?

Abortion kills more black unborn babies than all other groups combined.

Democrats LOVE abortion.

Gun-control locales suffer HUGE gun-crime in the minority inner-city locations.

Democrats LOVE gun-control.

Public education unions fight against school voucher and charter school programs that could free minority children from the failure that is the U.S. public education system.

Democrats LOVE public education.

Illegal immigration drives down wages and takes jobs from minorities; their crime rates prey on the minority population; their over-use of welfare programs strains the system.

Democrats LOVE illegal immigration.

High taxes create excessive power costs and fuel-prices at the pump, resulting in the inflated costs of consumer goods, disproportionately hurting low-income minorities.

Democrats LOVE high taxes.

EVERY major policy Democrats embrace hurt the minorities they claim to champion.

Someone, please explain how Democrats can draw any votes from minority groups.

And, considering minorities are benefitting from the jobs and higher wages the Trump (& GOP) policies have brought to pass in America’s blue-collar working segment…

…how is it minorities can refuse to support in larger numbers their REAL benefactors…

..the Republican Party?

Ohhh…righhttt…’cuz the darn Republicans are ‘racist’…(if you ignore their policies).

If ‘walking the walk’ meant anything, minorities would recognize the real racists…hiding in plain sight…then, vote for the policy-makers that REALLY help them.

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