Cowards of Congress…dwellers of LEAK-opolis…probably ALREADY HAVE Mueller data

Cowards of Congress.

It’s the only way to describe the Democrat ongoing effort to delegitimize the President and push their self-serving agenda…and the Republicans who won’t fight their tactics.

Democrats have no honest policy to challenge Trump’s economy – for eight years prior they told America to accept a new-normal low GDP, stagnation, & high unemployment.

Even they know their feeble attempt to claim today’s economy as their achievement is laughable…there’s only so much their media lapdogs can do to white-wash failures.

So, these cowards will keep going back to the ‘collusion/obstruction’ well, in the hopes of gaining some kind of traction with any demographic willing to buy their snake-oil.

As for claiming an Attorney General is creating a ‘constitutional crisis’ by OBEYING THE LAW, there’s no laugh-meter strong enough to measure the extent of that idiocy.

And, consider this – their subpoena to the AG for an unredacted Mueller report includes a demand for all supporting documentation, as if somewhere in there they’ll find a silver bullet that can, once and for all, slay the Orange-haired monster that so bedevils them.

But we’re betting they ALREADY HAVE THIS DATA.

Who’s willing to bet against that? (With the amount of leaks occurring during the hoax Mueller investigation, it’s CRAZY to believe they don’t have it already.)

Yet, If they have it why don’t they expose it, some may ask. Several reasons.

Because it’s a felony to provide such grand jury-protected information, and admitting they have it is tantamount to an indictment of the entire special counsel process.

It may also be a felony for receiving such protected information? And, what they have may not be damning enough, which leaves them with the nebulous innuendo-smear.

So, the Cowards of Congress will keep banging their resistance-drum, and FakeNews media propagandists will continue trying to prop up their ridiculous, tortured mantra.

And their Orange-haired nemesis will keep on winning.

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