2 points to consider on this Senate vote negating the President’s nat’l emergency declaration

IF both Parties were serious about worries over Executive branch ‘over-reach’, they could’ve resolved the issue by narrowing the emergency powers act scope…

…that CONGRESS, by law, gave to presidents decades ago.

In not doing so, the Democrat’s House bill negating a Republican president’s use of the law Congress created reveals it’s about reining in Pres Trump…not their presidents.

But remember…it ain’t over til the ‘over-ride lady’ sings.

Yes, 12 GOP senators voted to negate the President’s nat’l emergency declaration, but the President will veto the bill, and that means an over-ride vote is necessary now.

Understand this – it was ALWAYS going to be about the necessary over-ride vote.

So before the panties-in-a-bunch crowd starts howling ‘traitor’, think about this: what may appear as a GOP defection could actually be a deception…to expose Democrats.

After all, to over-ride a presidential veto requires 2/3 vote in both Houses of Congress, and it’s the only way, now, that Democrats can stop the national emergency declaration.

We’re not sure Republicans are capable of such machinations, but it could well be that they devised a scheme where Democrats, emboldened by Republicans willing to back Democrat efforts, will go all out on the over-ride vote…leaving them exposed for 2020.

Lest anyone forget, President Trump got elected primarily on the immigration issue.

(And many of the Democrats winning House seats were in Trump-leaning districts; plus, there are twelve Democrat senators up for re-election in the 2020 elections as well.)

Despite push-polling to get contrary results the American public still want security on our borders, and this could well be a GOP strategy to re-gain control of the House…

…and even pick up a couple more Senate seats as well.

The veto over-ride vote, and how GOP ‘traitors’ vote this time, will be revealing.

Fingers crossed.

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