“Connecticut Supreme Court Rules Remington Can Be Sued For Sandy Hook Shooting”

Connecticut’s Supreme Court, by this act, absolves perps…and condemns their tools.

Got that? A gun manufacturer can be sued because an evil-doer used one.

By that logic, an auto manufacturer that made the car used to lure the Gambino crime family boss out of his home to be ‘whacked’ can be sued as well. Right?

Killed Gambino boss Frank Cali may have been lured outside by car crash

And, with that logic, the next headline’s a real puzzler: Police: Woman Slashed SUV Tires After Seeing MAGA Hat Inside” Who to sue…the knifemaker or hat maker?

Wait…what about the woman’s optometrist, who enabled her sight? Sue them too?

The lunacy is spreading, folks.

Or, maybe not? Also in Connecticut…Connecticut college blames late student’s actions in own choking death during pancake-eating contest

If that state’s supreme court gets involved, the pancake-mix company, as well as any knife-or-fork maker used in the contest had all better beware!

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