What’s worse – the 100-lb ignoramus in the room…or non-reasoning followers?

As parochial as her views are, Xandy Ocasio-Cortez gets lots of support for her socialist viewpoint…especially from Millennials (18-39 age group)…and that begs the question.

As a politician, O-C may just be playing the class-warfare card Democrats are so expert at exploiting, but when half the Gen Y demographic bobble-heads can’t wait to agree, it’s time to realize left-wing education and emotional manipulation is at play, big time.

How else can one explain a demographic that embraces the concept of not having a car or cheeseburger, because an environmental HOAX is more important to address?

How else can one explain a demographic that rages against a capitalist system that has raised more nations and their people out of poverty and chaos…than any other system?

Scientific facts PROVE warmer climate existed centuries, even millennia, before fossil fuel use as a source of energy fostered the Industrial Age. Scientific facts PROVE co2 levels were 4-5 times higher in prehistoric times, and plants and animal life thrived.

T-Rex didn’t use a Hummer. Sabretooths weren’t burning coal to heat their caves.

Nature caused the co2 levels then; to believe Man will drive the Earth to destruction now is hubristic in the extreme, and idiotic considering the minor fluctuation occurring.

Then there’s the insane belief that government is the solution to our problems. Anyone who feels that entity can handle their healthcare needs should visit a VA medical facility.

Next time a Millennial mouths socialist platitudes, ask them if they’re willing to give up their cars and cellphones, or ready to trust wind and sun to heat their home in winter…

…or willing to eat a steady veg-only diet to make the Green New Deal happen…

…while gently reminding them no other country will be following that path.

Bottom line? When even unions are against it, lefties should pay attention.

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