Pushing their Democrat agenda, 1 poll at a time…

Word has it Congressional Republicans are all in a lather over the latest poll showing they’re being blamed for the govt shutdown more than the President and Democrats.

They should relax…as usual, a skewed-Democrat poll; heavily weighted Democrat (+11% vs Republican), and 20% govt workers (2.5x more than the American avg).

And, after reading the 17-page poll, it’s evident no one was asked if they knew what the Republican position was in the current negotiations – just asking who was to blame.

With polling heavily weighted Democrat, with Obama and his media minions misstating the GOP position, it would be shocking if Republicans WEREN’T blamed.

What the media won’t tell you: the poll showed respondents think O’care was a bad idea, that Obama’s pushing his own agenda, and more disapprove of him than approve.

Even heavily weighted to favor Democrats!

Republicans have two simple and fair demands from Democrats and Obama…

House Republicans demand a 1-year delay of O’care’s individual mandate. Democrats gave Business a 1-year delay…individual citizens deserve the same break.

House Republicans demand Congress shouldn’t exempt themselves from O’care…they should have to comply with the law just like everyone. Who can argue against that?

If polled respondents actually knew this, the results would have been very different.

Call your Republican Congressman, and tell them to stand strong.

2 thoughts on “Pushing their Democrat agenda, 1 poll at a time…

  1. Another dis honest poll!! That is something new. Reps should hang tough and not be rolled by B O . The MSM not expose the internals of this skewed poll but Fox and the Reps should. How about a straight poll ,just for a change

  2. It’s the law of the land – for 237 yrs – Congress (the people’s representatives) controls funding – it is their right. The Senate (businesses representatives) has no right to control the House by refusing to sign bills which have been lawfully passed by Congress. The Senate is entirely to blame for the shut down. The WH repeatedly sent back the CIA’s public statement concerning the attack until the statement was written so as to be finally accepted by the WH. Then WH claimed the CIA wrote the statement. Same thing they are trying here with Congress.

    Obama is entirely to blame for the twisted mind tactics used against the American people to cause them to feel the pain of a shutdown – such as deliberately cutting benefits to fallen soldiers.

    It is time to go “full throttle” against Obama and his “shadow government”. His team of union goons who take their orders from him. Obama issues his instructions thru and to public employee union operatives, just as he directed public employee union IRS members in targeting conservatives. There are union members in all public service branches including public schools who brain wash the kids. Remember, Hoffa said three years ago, “unions are about social change, not money”.

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