Focus people – Funding the wall is about Congress doing THEIR job

Not surprisingly, regarding the wall-funding issue, everyone seems more focused on the President…because the FakeNews media drives 92% negative daily coverage of him.

But our REAL focus should be on Congress – it’s their job to fund necessary programs.

Yet, once again, media shows how they run cover for Democrats, making every story an issue of how it affects the President’s agenda, as if it’s not America’s agenda also.

Okay – let’s focus on President Trump…

  • HIS shutdown forced media coverage that exposed dangers of open borders;
  • HIS shutdown revealed Democrats as indifferent to facts on drug smuggling, sex-&-human trafficking, terrorists and vicious gang members, crossing unimpeded;
  • HIS persistence in demanding Congress do their job to fund a border wall shows he doesn’t want to act unilaterally with executive action (but notes that he could);
  • HIS willingness to let Congress try to do their job supports the Republicans in that body, and at the same time puts Democrats under an anti-security spotlight; and,
  • HIS APPROVAL NUMBERS ARE UP 9% POINTS as a result of this process!!!

Anyone check approval numbers for Congress lately?

Bottom Line: President Trump made the case, made the effort to get Congress to man up, put Republicans in the ‘protect Americans’ column, and pinned a ‘they don’t care about American security or migrant wellbeing’ tail on the Democrats.

He can re-state the case, sign it (if there’s no hidden ‘gotchas’ in the final bill), then do a budget-sweep or national-emergency executive action, add that cash to the paltry sum they’ve authorized, and continue to build the wall in the areas Border agents designate.

(For that matter, we’ve noted he could use seized drug cartel cash to fund it.)

Considering his broad powers, he could’ve funded it without Congressional assistance: by not doing so until they showed they wouldn’t, he’s honored Constitutional principles.

In the final analysis, it’s Congress who failed on proper funding, and there’s no way in hell anyone can call THEIR ineffective legislation a ‘cave’ on his part. It’s on them.

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