The abject deceit of ‘gee, your tax refund’s gonna be smaller’ mendacity

File this under ‘Democrat Deceit – WRIT LARGE.

Detractors of the GOP tax-cut plan, trying to diminish economic benefits of that plan, are ‘bemoaning’ the fact taxpayers will see unexpectedly smaller refunds this year…

…but (of course) ‘forgetting’ to note take-home pay this year has INCREASED.

What reasonable taxpayer doesn’t understand that last year, they got a larger refund because the tax-cut plan affected the previous year…when they paid MORE taxes?

(You know, because of the Obama reign, when tax-cuts were…unthinkable. Or, is the Republican Party supposed to apologize for needing the time to get their plan passed?)

What reasonable taxpayer doesn’t understand that, if they paid less in as a result of the tax-cut plan (while the cut DID raise their take-home pay last year), they get less back?

When such DECEIT is needed to make a point…what’s the Democrats’ point?

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