…but when a #MeToo accuser knows the date, place, and it’s a Democrat being accused…

Virginia sure does elect some questionable people. No sooner does their governor get exposed for a ‘racist’ yearbook photo, then their lieutenant governor gets #MeToo’d.

Funny thing though…

…the same people claiming they believed a Kavanaugh accuser who didn’t remember when/where it happened, or others involved…suddenly are silent when a Democrat politician gets accused by someone with an excellent memory of all the particulars.

That selective #MeToo support seems awfully convenient, no?

Reports that ‘Gov-KKK’ was considering leaving the Democrat Party because they were urging to resign, motivated our blog suggesting he just change his last name to Byrd.

(After all, Robert Byrd was a revered Democrat…and also a KKK grand Kleagle.)

For Lt-Gov-#MeToo, we suggest he just change his last name to Kennedy…

…for all the obvious reasons.

(Besides, the guy seems to be handling the accusation with typical Democrat class.)

Surely then he’ll get a free pass, right?

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