Where was media outrage when Obama talked to Iran before his inauguration?

Talk about stirring a hypocritical stew, FakeNews is outdoing itself, re ‘Trump & Russia’.

Iran is the Number One sponsor of terrorism in the world, yet Obama-&-team met with the ‘high-level’ Iranian leadership prior to his inauguration…and FakeNews yawned.

This faux-angst over Russia is meant to deflect from what the Obama administration and Democrat Party were doing illegally against Republicans during an election cycle.

And, as well, meant to delegitimize/diminish President Trump to the extent a gullible electorate allows that to happen, either through their hatred or intellectual laziness.

(Aided by media, which is why they’re pushing the narrative hard. As duplicitous as they were in abetting the coordinated fraud, stirring up mud obscures the part they played.)

Enough is enough.

Talk’s cheap, whining gets us nowhere. Pres. Trump’s Justice Dept. needs to step up. It’s time to put some teeth into the investigation of this 2016 political wrongdoing.

Indict the ring-leaders, and their cohort.

Failure to do so makes a mockery of Rule-of-Law, and our Constitutional process…

…and GUARANTEES even more egregious Democrat behavior in future elections.

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