National emergency vs empty arguments, a flaccid Congress, & expedient constitutionalists

When a mule-team refuses to pull the load, whipping them bloody is useless.

Someone should explain that to the conservatives arguing against President Trump’s threat to declare the southern border crisis a national emergency so a wall gets funded.

Usually, folks at National Review Online (NRO) offer thoughtful, cogent views on the issues, but their stand against the President acting when Congress won’t is perplexing.

It’s painfully clear that Congress refuses to pull the load.

For too long, Congress politicians have used the illegal immigration issue as a partisan vote/fund-raising ploy, never willing to go the final distance to solve the problems.

All the political leaders against the building of a wall now voted for doing just that when the political expedient forced the issue…but then failed to fund what they voted for later.

Wringing their hands and wailing about what Congress should do is not an answer; nor is warning darkly against a ‘unilateral executive action’ in the face of such recalcitrance.

And dismissing such a presidential executive action as a “…a dispute involving a core congressional power, spending…” without acknowledging that a core executive power is to ensure our Nation’s national security is journalistic malfeasance.

No one can deny the huge cost America incurs because of the current border crisis.

No one can deny the huge national security threat posed by open borders.

No one can deny as long as the border remains porous, illegal immigration continues.

No one can deny Congress has failed to do it’s job.

No one can deny the President has tried to get them to do their job for two years.

You can only whip that mule for so long.

Sorry NRO – you’re wrong…a country without border defenses isn’t a country.

And, without national security, ‘congressional spending power’ is a moot point.

Mr. President, give Congress a deadline…if they fail, take unilateral executive action.

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